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Responsible by tradition

Appreciation and respect for people, environment and nature

Häcker Küchen has been strongly committed to sustainability for many years. Our production is carbon-neutral, we received awards for healthy furniture and plant flowering meadows and trees. Furthermore, Häcker actively supports social institutions, such as a school in Sierra Leone (Africa). Discover Häcker's numerous sustainability projects. 

Environmentally friendly material for cargo stabilization

Usually, foam blocks and polystyrene sheets are used during transport to secure high-value cargo. 

Häcker has a better way. The company's trailers are equipped with sturdy paper bags filled with cardboard waste to secure the load. 


Häcker Küchen adheres to carbon-neutral production methods


Sustainably produced kitchens for a better world

Häcker Küchen produces carbon-neutrally and was awarded by the DGM as a carbon-neutral company. To this end, the kitchen furniture manufacturer from Rödinghausen had its own emissions recorded, has offset the positive savings already made within the company and compensated the remaining delta by acquiring climate protection certificates. 

With these certificates, Häcker supports reforestation projects, wind power projects as well as hydro-power projects. With its own labels, PURemission and PUResist, Häcker is leading in the field of healthy kitchen furniture. 

Create your sustainable kitchen.
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